About us


A love of cooking, a passion for healthy ingredients and an inherent belief in the healing power of food inspired us to set up Everyday Healthy Cooking. With all the conflicting messages about exactly what a healthy diet is, many people have become confused, bored with cooking and don’t really know where to start when creating nutritious meals. We want to get people back into the kitchen, inspire them to cook from scratch with real ingredients, show them how easy it is to make nutritious and tasty food, and with our nutritional knowledge explain why eating this way can make you feel and look fabulous.



Vicky trained at the Tante Marie Cookery School and has a teaching Diploma in the Life Long learning sector. She has been in the cooking world for 30 years - teaching cooking as a core life skill to 18-year-old school leavers and as a freelance private chef. Vicky taught at Eton College for many years, one of her former students, Tom Parker Bowles, went on to become a renowned food journalist.


Caroline is a Nutrition Coach and has a Diploma in Applied Nutrition from the SANO School of Culinary Medicine. She loves to share her nutritional knowledge in the classes. She also runs a catering company called Your Undercover Cook and alongside being a Nutrition Coach continues to cater for everything from canapés and bowl food to christening lunches and dinner parties.


"I loved the healthy eating angle of the course and all the useful chef tips"

- Amanda, London

“Loved the dynamic between you both - what a great class”

- Charlie, London