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Autumn/winter 2019 CLASSES below

2020 dates to be announced…


Our demo-based classes are relaxed and informative and take place in our spacious Wandsworth kitchens. With our chef background we teach you how to create delicious and healthy dishes but throughout the class explain the nutritional science so you understand why you should pack your diet with whole, fresh ingredients. Throughout the workshops we talk about the nutritional benefits of the dishes as well as offer handy shortcuts and chef 'tips & tricks' to make healthy eating all day, every day, easy and fun. Our classes include Everyday Healthy, Healthy Food for Friends, Healthy Kickstart, 'Not-so-naughty' Sweet Treats, Nourish your Family, All things Quinoa and Mood Food & Energy Boost. There is plenty of time for Q&As, lots of tastings along the way, nibbles on arrival and a light meal. You will go home with an informative recipe booklet and hopefully full of inspiration! 

Unable to make these dates? We offer private classes to groups of 6-8 people, contact us to find out more.


nutrition & healthy food workshop


A fantastic class covering a days’ worth of healthy recipes to give you an overview of how a healthy balanced diet can boost energy levels, stabilise blood sugars and keep moods steady. We will give you lots of nutritional information and demonstrate delicious recipes from a high protein breakfast to nourishing supper, energy boosting snacks to a light balanced lunch - including energy balls, dips & crispbreads, delicious dressings and much more. You will enjoy a lovely lunch and lots of tastings.


monday 11th november - 12.30-2.45pm


Healthy Food for Friends


If you love hosting dinner parties, but don’t always want to eat heavy, cream laden dishes then this class is for you. While offering lots of nutritional information we run through easy and delicious dishes for friends that will ensure they feel both nourished and indulged. We teach a antioxidant-rich mocktail, nourishing nibbles, a starter or light lunch idea, a delicious omega-3 packed main course, a low-sugar pudding and much more. You will enjoy a delicious, healthy lunch and lots of tastings.


thursday 28th november 2019 - 12.30-2.45pm


Healthy Kick-start


This class focuses on the incredible benefits of proper bone broth, teaches how to make it as well as use it in everyday cooking such as a Vietnamese Pho. We also cover smoothies, healthy dips, amazing seeded crackers and the many uses of kale.


monday 4th february 2019 - FULLY BOOKED


‘Not so naughty’ Sweet Treats & snacks


For all those with a sweet tooth, this is the workshop for you. We will teach you how create delicious but nutritious sweet goodies that will not only nourish your body but satisfy even the most ardent of chocoholics.


2019 dates to be announced


Power breakfasts


Kick start your day with these inspiring breakfast recipes that avoid sugary cereals and keep your energy levels buzzing until lunchtime. We will explain the importance of blood sugar balance and meal composition to keep moods and energy levels stable all day. The delicious recipes will nourish your body with essential nutrients and taste delicious. 


to be announces


nourish your family


Learn how to create easy and nourishing family-friendly meals that even the fussiest of eaters will love but are packed with nutrients.  We will teach you the importance of balancing blood sugars and how to ensure every meal is perfectly balanced to offer maximum nutritional benefit. We focus on main dishes the whole family can eat, healthy snacks and ‘not-so-naughty’ sweet treats so kids don’t feel deprived.  There will also be top tips on getting organised to make planning daily meals easier. 


MONDAY 7th october - 12.30-2.45pm - few spaces available


All things quinoa


Pronounced ‘keen-wah’, this ancient grain is a nutrient-dense bomb of goodness but many people are reluctant to give it a try. We will demystify this wonderful ingredient and show you how it can be used for breakfast, snacks, lunches and suppers. 


to be announced in 2019


Mood food & energy boosting meals


When you are busy it can be so hard to keep on top of healthy eating guidelines. In this workshop we explain how food can effect you energy levels and brain function throughout day. Breakfast and lunch can be notoriously tricky meals to get right… come along to this workshop and learn how to pack your meals with mood boosting nutrients and energy giving ingredients to keep you full until suppertime. We will teach you some simple ideas of how to create filling, nutrient-packed and delicious breakfasts and lunches every day. 


monday 14th october - 12.30-2.45pm-fully booked